A New Concept in Multi-layer Coating of Steel Pipes

A New Concept in Multi-layer Coating of Steel Pipes Cover
  • Publikation: 3R, Special 1
  • Erschienen: 2014
  • Autor: Hans-Jürgen Kocks / Markus Betz / Ralf Nordmann
  • Verlag: Vulkan Verlag
  • Seiten: 7
  • Preis: 15,00 €


When it comes to laying pipes without cutting a trench, a large number of coating variants are already established on the market. These include coating systems with an additional coating layer for mechanical protection, like cement mortar or glass fibre reinforced plastics. 3-layer polyethylene or polypropylene coatings with increased thickness are also commonly used. These thick-layer coatings are usually produced in several coating steps, with the best possible adhesion between the layers. In this situation the 3-layer polyolefin coating with increased thickness has to provide effective corrosion protection and advanced mechanical protection. This technical report explains the disadvantages of this concept and offers an alternative coating system.

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