Automated Laser Beam Welding and Testing of Pipe Joints

Automated Laser Beam Welding and Testing of Pipe Joints Cover
  • Publikation: 3R, Special 1
  • Erschienen: 2013
  • Autor: Jan Neupert / Hans-Jürgen Kocks / Tony Kräker
  • Verlag: Vulkan Verlag
  • Seiten: 6
  • Preis: 15,00 €


The welding of pipes with an orbital process has proved its worth in the pipeline construction sector for many years, particularly when it comes to large pipes. Laser beam welding today provides a technology which allows for comparable results to be achieved but with substantially less expenditure of time and material. And in the interim this process has become an interesting alternative to manual welding with electrodes in smaller construction undertakings as well. In addition to this, the very low heat transfer incurred by the process in the area of the weld seam allows a check of the welding very soon after it has been carried out, which means that in a combined process a not inconsiderable logistics advantage in the site development can be achieved. As part of a joint research project, a prototype for this type of operation has now been created.

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