The steel pipe in trenchless technology

The steel pipe in trenchless technology Cover


Despite all the economic benefits to be derived from trenchless construction methods, the decision for or against their use is still largely governed by the trust placed in this technol-ogy and the suitability of the materials used. However, little can be gained from considering individual elements in isolation, whether field coating, equipment, or the pipe material. Only a systematic approach based on the detailed coordination of all the components involved such as material-specific bending radii and pulling forces or the pipe end preparation described here for improved adhesion of the field coating - can yield a result that best exploits the benefits of each individual component. For welded steel pipes these results can be verified by measurements via methods of cathodic corrosion protection. So in this case there is hardly any difference from a safety point of view between conventional open-trench installations and trenchless pipe-laying.

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